After the Alexandra Lulka fiasco, what’s next for Toronto’s school board?

The head office of the Toronto District School Board. (PFHLai/Wikimedia Commons)

It’s been a week since the Toronto District School Board held a meeting to vote on whether to censure Alexandra Lulka. The Jewish trustee spoke out about some teaching materials which she felt were antisemitic, and the board subsequently came down on her for failing to support other parts of those materials.

The board voted not to censure her, but there are still lingering questions about whether the experience of Jewish students, parents and trustees is understood at Canada’s largest school board.

We’re joined by two people who have been working behind the scenes with the TDSB to champion the Jewish side of the story and talk about next steps: Noah Shack, spokesperson for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, and Michael Anthony, a Jewish teacher who’s worked in the TDSB for 16 years.

What we talked about:

  • Read about the TDSB’s Student Equity Collective at
  • Read Alexandra Lulka’s response to the attempted censure on Twitter
  • Watch the Toronto Police’s video of the suspect in the Sherman murders on YouTube


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