Bonjour Chai’s post-yontif, post-election recap podcast

Green leader Annamie Paul, the first Jewish woman to lead a political party in Canada, came in a distant fourth place in her riding—and became one of the biggest Jewish political stories of the 2021 election. (Annamie Paul/Facebook)

We’re nearly at the end of a frantic late-summer blitz, combining a tight 36-day federal election campaign with Jewish high holidays, the beginning of the school year and Avi Finegold’s daughter’s bat mitzvah.

As fall rolls in, the hosts of Bonjour Chai, our weekly current affairs podcast, enjoy a leisurely chat with political correspondent Josh Lieblein, who breaks down the coming and goings of what was, as Seinfeld fans like to put it, “an election about nothing.”

Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find a lot of political shifts between Liberals and Conservatives that portend a more seismic election next time around.

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