Mass protests in Israel: Hear from The CJN on the ground for the ‘Day of Disruption’ in Jerusalem

The CJN Daily producer Zachary Kauffman is in Jerusalem and covered the massive anti-government protests on July 11, 2023. (Zac Kauffman photo)

It was billed as a “Day of Disruption” in Israel as protesters blockaded the country’s main airport, hundreds of army reservists threatened to refuse to serve, and police arrested at least 77 demonstrators across the country.

Although Israel has seen 27 straight weeks of political turmoil, Israelis have taken to the streets in massive numbers this week in a revitalized round of protests. These were called after the Netanyahu government gave first reading Monday to a law that would curb the power of Israel’s Supreme Court to use the so-called “reasonableness” test to overrule lawmakers’ policies.

Amid all the flag-waving, drumming and horn-blowing, The CJN Daily producer Zachary Kauffman, who’s in Jerusalem studying at a yeshiva this month, is in the thick of it—literally. He’s even staying in the same apartment complex where the Netanyahus live. So Kauffman grabbed his microphone to hear from protesters, and now joins the show to share stories from professor Veronika Cohen, who used to teach in Calgary; Amos Guiora, an American-Israeli law professor from Utah; and Chaviva Shefer, an environmental lawyer at Reichman University in Herzliya.

What we talked about

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