Treasure Trove wishes readers a good and sweet New Year

The custom of sending Rosh Hashanah cards on paper originated in medieval Germany then gained popularity in German-speaking countries in the second half of the 19th century, and ultimately spread to North America and other places.

This postcard from the 1910s was printed in Germany for the Williamsburg Post Card Company of New York. It features a man and a woman looking like members of the suffragette movement each wearing a sash offering New Year’s greetings and holding a flowing Zionist flag with a message in Yiddish.

The woman’s message is “Angels of all heavens unite, we require 75,000.”  The man’s message is “Angels of all heavens unite. We require: 120 happy years. Amnesty from all sins!!!”

The message at their feet is “We raise flags to the skies and call to you: brothers be ready to demand your debt from God that he grant you good fortune and joy.”

Treasure Trove wishes you the greatest of treasures in the new year: good fortune, joy, peace and health. Shanah Tovah u’Metukah—may you have a good and sweet new year.