Treasure Trove enjoys some light summer reading with the comic book exploits of the Jewish Hero Corps  

It was 1965 and eight-year-old Alan Oirich was standing in the playground of his Long Island synagogue when his friend David told him he wasn’t planning to celebrate Hanukkah that year because Christmas was more fun. Trying to change David’s mind, Alan, a comic book fan and aspiring illustrator, went home and drew a number of Jewish superheroes to deliver a public service message about Jewish holidays.

And so, the Jewish Hero Corps were born.  

Almost 40 years later, in 2003, an actual comic book was printed, featuring the characters who were developed to change David’s mind. The members of the Corps in #1 are:

  • Menorah Man: He can grow six extra arms for a total of eight, each of which can project flame-like energy blasts.
  • Dreidel Maidel: She can spin at electron speed.
  • Minyan Man: He has the ability to split into ten men.
  • Magen David: He has an invincible shield.
  • Kipa Kid: Also known as the “Yarmulke Youth” or the “Capped Crusader”, he has an array of trick head coverings.
  • Shabbas Queen: Her wand allows her to stop machines for 25 hours, giving them a rest.
  • Matzah Woman: She has microwave vision from eating radioactive matzah.

Other heroes have been added in #2 (‘The Secret of the Solar Sukkah’, issued in 2013) and #3 (‘Crisis in Time’, issued in 2024).  The series can be found at