Treasure Trove: A bottle of beer tells the story of a soldier’s bravery on Oct. 7

The Oct. 7 Hamas attack took a terrible toll on Israel’s army, with 275 Israeli soldiers and 38 security officers among the 1,200 people killed by terrorists. One of the soldiers tragically killed that day was Tomer Nagar.

Tomer was alone guarding a storage bunker 150 meters from the Kissufim army base, close to Gaza. Although he was instructed by army lookouts to retreat to a shelter, he refused. Instead, he stayed at his post to singlehandedly fight off the terrorists for 50 minutes, killing dozens of attackers until he was fatally shot when his 675 rounds of ammunition ran out. Tomer’s actions allowed his fellow soldiers to defend the base, which was the only one in the area not overrun by terrorists on that terrible day.

Tomer’s story is only one of many stories of bravery on Oct. 7.

Tomer loved beer and his family decided to create a beer in his memory, produced by the Glentz Brewery in Yeruham. Labels on the bottle of Tomer Beer feature his image and a description of his bravery. 

The bottles also have the slogan “It will flow in my blood forever,” a play on the motto of the Golani Brigade of which Tomer was a member, “In my blood, you will live forever.”

When you purchase a case of Tomer Beer you pick it up at his family’s home in a Tel Aviv suburb and meet his mother. When we see the pictures of the soldiers who died fighting Hamas, we remember that every one of them had a story and a family.

To all of them we say thank you. Your life will be remembered. L’chaim!