The top Jewish (and less Jewish) baby names of 2017


It’s officially that time of year again: breeding season. To get into the spirit, popular Jewish parenting blog Kveller compiled a list of the top Jewish baby names of 2017, gleaned from Babycenter’s general list of the most popular baby names of 2017.

Alfonso Jimenez FLICKR

Among the Jewish-y names occupying the list there’s: Ava, Edna, Tamar, Ilana, Eliana, Dinah, Ezra, Isaiah, Josiah, Asher and Levi.


And among the less conventionally Jewish-y names of the year there’s: Thea, Scarlett, Imogen, Elodie, Jade, Willow, Nolan, Maddox, Maverick, Caspian, Romulus and Boone (Boone!).