Introducing the new CJN Podcast

A parade float at the Aalst Carnaval in Belgium features caricatures of Orthodox Jews atop money bags. (FJO photo)

The CJN is launching a bimonthly podcast, wherein hosts Alex Rose and Michael Fraiman discuss the biggest stories facing our community.

On our first episode, hosts Alex and Michael invite CJN Reporter Ron Csillag talk about his recent cover story on a groundbreaking new survey, which offers a never-before-seen glimpse into Canadian Jewry.

They also chat about a feud in Prince Edward Island, which grew so heated that one newspaper columnist quit his job after being called a “Zionist goon”.

Finally, they ask if Jews really need to worry about the bizarre anti-Semitic float in Aalst, Belgium.

Listen here:

The Canadian Jewish News podcast is hosted by Alex Rose and Michael Fraiman, and edited by Michael Fraiman. The intro music is “Robot Gedonist” by Vanya Zhuk, and outro music is “Hungaria” by Latché Swing.