CJN Podcast: The Gross, Honest, Jewish World of Natalie Norman

natalie norman comic
Comedian Natalie Norman. (Tyra Sweet photo)

Is it okay for non-Jews to play Jews on TV? Can politicians make amends for old anti-Semitic tweets? Special guest Natalie Norman — a comedian, storyteller and self-described “plus-sized Jewess” — joins in-studio to chat about those topics and her career. Catch a sneak preview of her raunchy debut comedy album, *The Big Reveal*, and learn how she balances a comic’s downtown lifestyle with her own mental health and a surprisingly spiritual Jewish life.

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*The Canadian Jewish Shmooze* is hosted by Michael Fraiman and Alex Rose, and edited by Michael Fraiman. Our intro music is by Vanya Zhuk, and our outro music is by Latché Swing. Like The CJN Podcast Network on Facebook, and follow Natalie on Twitter or Instagram.

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