To the readers of The CJN

The outpouring of concern and the expressions of “support” that have arisen since our announcement of the closing of the print edition of The Canadian Jewish News are appreciated by the board of directors.

Notwithstanding that announcement, the board has continued to seek a way to produce a viable and sustainable print edition, as well as an enhanced Internet presence. What we have been doing has been validated substantially by the widespread public reaction.

We assure our readers, our advertisers and the community at large that we are continuing to work assiduously to find a way to preserve a print edition. The circumstances that drove our decision and our announcement remain unchanged.  Therefore, we cannot yet know if our hopes and intentions will be fulfilled.   However, among many other things, we intend to organize and mobilize those expressions of “support” into sufficient, actual and tangible assistance.

We will continue to strive for the desired result and we will report to you, our readers, on our progress.

Donald Carr, President
The Canadian Jewish News