Your daily spiel for Thursday, March 10

Justin Trudeau meets with Barack Obama on March 10 in Washington CNN SCREENSHOT
Justin Trudeau meets with Barack Obama on March 10 in Washington CNN SCREENSHOT

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN‘s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world

Canada: Justin Trudeau arrived at the White House today to meet with President Barack Obama, and the two even joked about Americans moving to Canada if Donald Trump were to become President. On social media, Americans were full of praise for Trudeau.

Following two former Toronto Jewish day school teachers arrested over possession of child porn, criminology expert Guila Benchimol offers a way to stop abuse in Jewish schools, a group of Asian-Canadian students visited Israel on a trip organized by CIJA in a bid to battle anti-Israel climate on campus, Orthodox doctors are struggling with the new Supreme Court-mandated policy that will permit physician-assisted death (PAD), and The CJN continues to investigate into Ontario’s kosher chicken quagmire.

Tina Jiwon Park in jerusalem
Tina Jiwon Park in jerusalem

U.S.: The Colorado Senate has passed a bill strongly opposing BDS, Hillary Clinton has been confirmed as the first presidential candidate to attend this year’s AIPAC conference, Obama sees Benjamin Netanyahu as the “most disappointing” of all Mideast leaders (there’s a surprise), Bernie Sanders promises a “level playing field” in dealing with the Israel-Palestinian conflict were he to become President, a 60-year-old Jewish salesman has reinvented yarmulkes as a ‘freedom cap’ during a Selma memorial march, and according to the FBI, Jewish-American Robert Levinson (who went missing nine years ago) is the longest-held hostage in U.S history.

Israel: Reports claim that Mahmoud Abbas has turned down Joe Biden’s peace proposal (meanwhile, Abbas offered his condolences over the killing of U.S. citizen Taylor Force but failed to condemn the attack that killed him), an Arab victim of Tuesday’s stabbing attack says that terror sees “no race, colour, or religion,” the Palestinian Authority honoured a female terrorist who took part in a massacre that left 37 Israelis dead for International Women’s Day, and a Jewish Arabic teacher is being accused of inciting hatred after teaching his students phrases like “I want to kill Jews.”

Israelis and Palestinians are cooperating to rescue a sick lion in Gaza and relocate him to the West Bank, a new movement calls for separating Palestinian villages from Jerusalem in a bid to “save Jewish Jerusalem,” and the Holy City’s Israel Museum is currently displaying an exhibit dubbed, “Pharaoh in Canaan: The Untold Story.”

World: A disgruntled former ISIS member has reportedly given thousands of documents (with the names of 22,000 ISIS supporters) to Sky News, the head of the pro-Israel caucus in Germany has resigned after being arrested for possession of crystal meth, a Jewish-American millionaire is trying to relocate Mideast Jews to Israel, and British security firm G4S is pulling out of Israel after years of pressure from BDS activists, citing “commercial reasons.”

Latvian Nazi sympathizers and lawmakers are set to march through Riga to honour members of the Latvian SS Legion, France’s FM says the country will not “automatically” recognize a Palestinian state if peace talks fail, Austrian student groups have unequivocally rejected BDS, slamming U.S. universities who promote it, and Dutch Christian Zionists are fighting the EU’s labelling policy of settlement goods with ‘Made in Israel’ stickers.

Tech: Intel has acquired trending Israeli sports tech company Replay Technologies (whose 3D technology is used during sports broadcasts around the world) for a reported $175 million (US), an expert says that one out of four life science innovations has roots in Israel, and a new study says Instagramming your food actually makes it taste better? It finally all makes sense…

Culture: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator/star Rachel Bloom opens up about her Judaism in a new interview, a Montreal artist with autism is changing the way society views the condition, Schitt’s Creek (which stars Jewish father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy) is poised to dominate at the Canadian Screen Awards, Uproxx looks at some of the best albums Rick Rubin has produced, and Sacha Baron Cohen screened a 2009 interview he did with Kansas JCC shooter F. Glenn Miller at a New York theatre this week.

Louis C.K. stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to talk about his new web series Horace and Pete.

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