Your daily spiel for Wednesday, June 15


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Rabbis vs. the NRA. Rabbis Against Gun Violence, which launched in January , is a group comprised of leaders across the U.S. Jewish community that advocate for stricter gun laws. Following last weekend’s tragic shooting at an Orlando nightclub, the group is working at its first goal – to dismantle the influence of the NRA, one politician at a time.  “We must demand that our lawmakers act and work to keep guns out of dangerous hands,” says the organization. “We have to vote out of office anyone who votes with the NRA.”

It’s called Israel? You’re a bigot. It’s called Palestine? You’re A-OK. The notion that Facebook is biased against Israel has been strongly hinted at (thanks to social media experiments and heavily reported double standards). The latest piece of alleged evidence comes from the Israel Video Network, which recently posted a graphic that read, “It is called Israel, not ‘Palestine’! ‘Share’ to agree!”

But Facebook wouldn’t have it and removed the post, saying it violates its community standards, and ordered the network to remove any other similarly ‘offensive’ posts. Former Israeli MK Dov Lipman then ran his own experiment, posting a similar graphic that swapped the words ‘Israel’ and ‘Palestine’ to a Facebook page he created. He then complained to Facebook, who responded saying that it did not violate its standards. Eventually, Lipman wrote a scathing article about his experience, and Facebook contacted him to apologize, saying it was an unintentional error. Sure it was, FB. Sure it was.

FACEBOOK REMOVED the graphic on the left because it was in violation of Facebook Community Standards

The last of the Nazi trials. The trial of Reinhold Hanning, a 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard, has been taking place for months in Detmold, Germany, but is expected to conclude on Friday. Today, Hanning’s defence lawyer called for his acquittal, saying he had “killed, hit or abused no one.” Hanning is on trial for his complicity in more than 100,000 murders at Auschwitz. Earlier in the trial, he admitted knowing about the genocide that transpired at the Nazi death camp and apologized. “I am ashamed that I let this injustice happen and have done nothing to prevent it,” he told the court.

Giving Michelle Obama a run for her money. Sophie Trudeau has certainly emerged as one of our nation’s leading trendsetters, and even showed up her husband Justin at last week’s Press Gallery dinner, wearing all Canadian designers. One of those designers is Toronto-based Jewish jewelry designer Kim Smiley, responsible for the earrings Trudeau wore. “I am thrilled I can count Sophie Trudeau as an ambassador for Sapphô [her brand], and equally excited about the fact that I can play a small role in heightening exposure for the value of social enterprise in Canada,” says Smiley. 

Queen Bey will rule over Israel. It’s almost official, reports indicate: Beyonce is coming to Israel. While we’ve been following rumours that the Queen will perform in Israel for a while now, they’ve yet to be confirmed until (almost) now. Ynet reports that Beyonce has agreed to perform in concert on October 26th in Israel at HaYarkon Park in Tel Aviv. Jay-Z and Blue Ivy are expected to tag along, apparently. Maybe the West-Kardashians will join too!

Chopped! (Kosher edition). Crown Heights Info reports that a Chabad rabbi will be competing on an upcoming episode of everyone’s favourite cooking show, Chopped! The episode will have four religious clerics square off against each other, and New York rabbi Hanoch Hecht will represent the Jewish tribe.

“I thought my participation would be a fabulous platform for raising awareness about keeping kosher in this evolving food market,” the 34-year-old says. “Kosher presents a unique challenge that many other religions don’t face, in that there are not only prohibitions on what we eat, but also on how we prepare our food. The show was very accommodating. I was very grateful and touched that they were sensitive to my needs.” Looking forward to seeing what he prepares. There better be brisket in one of those baskets.

Pretty, pretttttyyy, pretttttyyyy, prettttttttttttyyyyyyyy, prettttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy prettttyyyy good. You’ve already heard, I’m sure: Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back. To celebrate, here’s a look at one of my favourite episodes: Palestinian Chicken.

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