A chicken on every seder table? Council aims to make it so

Is a seder still a seder without chicken?

That’s the question many in the Jewish community have been asking since the Passover food drive kicked off.

The issue of whether the recipients are going to get a kosher chicken with their food box this year has been strongly debated at National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto Section (NCJWC-TS), because donated kosher chickens have always been part of the food drive delivery.

The recipients are among the neediest in our community. So, we have been asking if we can afford to purchase chickens this year, now that our donor is no longer in business. Almost 90 per cent of the food packed for delivery is purchased with donated funds, and this is an additional large expense.

The community has been discussing “the chickens” – the rabbis and community leaders have talked to their communities about what a loss this would be for those who depend on their box for Passover food.

As a result, the decision was made to purchase almost 2,000 kosher chickens for delivery day, April 6, and the order has been placed.

Council is confident that the generosity of the community will cover this expense, Passover food drive chair Glenda Ephron Cooper said.

She said people have been phoning non-stop to express their concern and make donations. “The public has been fantastic… Our very first supporter for this extra purchase was Terra Landscaping in Toronto, who made a very generous donation toward the chicken fund.”

She added that Council has faith in the Toronto community, and “we just hope to get enough monetary donations to pay for this added financial load of purchasing the chickens.” To make a donation, please call 416-633-5100, go to www.ncjwc-ts.org or www.canadahelps.org/dn/171233

In 1982, the Passover food drive, a project of National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto Section, responded to the necessity to support the more needy members of the community during Passover. They packed and delivered 25 boxes. This year, they will be packing and delivering almost 2,500 boxes. Recipients are referred through various social agencies in the GTA.