Baycrest exhibition examines the ‘Art of Health’

Judy Singer and Ian Leventhal with their artwork. (Henry Gotfryd photo)

Research shows that art in all forms – viewing, creating and therapeutic –
reduces stress, alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression and can speed up hospital recovery time.

Women Friends of Baycrest are hosting Colour And Form Exhibition And Sale, featuring artists Judy Singer, Ian Leventhal and John Patkau. The opening reception will take place in the afternoon on June 4 at the Nikola Rukaj Gallery in Toronto.

Attendees will learn about the “Art of Health” from speaker Rosanne Aleong, director of research, innovation, and translation at the Rotman Research Institute and participate in an interactive lecture by Judy Singer.

“A variety of clinicians and researchers are interested in investigating the relationship between art and health. Interventions incorporating visual art, music, writing, and art education have been developed, implemented, and evaluated at Baycrest,” said Aleong. “Further, researchers in the Rotman Research Institute are actively investigating the impact of arts-based skills for example musical training on brain function. These interventions are aimed at improving the quality of life of various groups including clients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.”

Aleong will be describing a variety of projects, including implementation and evaluation of a caregiver support program for community-based couples, where one partner is caring for their spouse living with dementia.

Other talking points will include arts-based educational curriculum for paid caregivers of clients with dementia, and a virtual music therapy intervention for community-based older adults.

The artists will unveil a unique array of art intended to evoke emotions such as delight, curiosity, peace and awe.


“We are painters and sculptors,” said Leventhal. “I bridge the two media because I paint my sculptures so I am both a painter and a sculpture. Judy’s work is colourful wall art and John’s is black steel form sculptures. John is about the form and Judy and I are about the colour.”

To RSVP for the Baycrest opening reception, contact Melissa at 416-785-200 ext. 6288. Colour And Form exhibition runs until June 23.